Learning Disaster Mitigation from Japanese Experts

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On Thursday, 29 April 2018, Prof. Takehiro Hayashi and Dr. Fujikawa from Hijiyama University, Japan, came to Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP) to give a lecture on the Disaster prevention. The guest lecture was attended by hundred students from Faculty of Teacher Training and Education and Faculty of Engineering UMP.

Prof. Hayashi, who is a vice president and also senior lecturer at Hijiyama University, talked about the process of earthquake and volcano eruption. He said that the geographical feature of Indonesia makes the country more susceptible to natural disaster such as earthquake and volcano eruption. However, he encouraged people to be more aware and not to be panic if the disaster happened. "The first thing to do if such disaster happened is to save your Life first, run and escape as quickly as possible. Therefore, you can save other lives afterwards", said Prof Hayashi.

According to the head of Department of Geography Education, Sakinah M.Hum, this guest lecture was intended to give new insight for the students regarding the Mitigation system in Japan. "Japan is well-known for its quick and good sytem of disaster recovery. Therefore, we need to learn about it", said Sakinah.

Besides giving lecture for UMP students, Prof Hayashi and Dr fujikawa also visited Primary School of UMP to give lesson about disaster prevention to the Students. (nov-kui)

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