KUI climbing Slamet Mount for the first time

24 April 2018 by News and Events 347 Views

(Zaineb, Ibu Novi and Ionut at the top of Slamet)

On the 4th April 2018, Ionut Cazacu- an international student and Zaineb Tassa- an international intern staff of UMP participated to the expedition to the Slamet Mount organized under the program of the Vice-Rector Ir. Aman Suyadi M.P.

They were accompanied and guided by two Vice-rectors, the MAPALA team, the Head of financial bureau and the International Office. They contributed all together to the accomplishment of UMP’s goal: celebrating its 53th birthday by reaching the peak of the mountain. It has been an honor for Ionut and Zaineb, who represent the two first international members of UMP climbing Slamet mount.

“It was a nice experience for me: the cooperation and the atmosphere were for me more important than reaching the top. I liked the perfect organization. I felt secured and comfortable because everyone took care of me. I am glad I was part of it: I made new friends, I was in connection with nature and it was an honor for me to climb the highest mountain in Central Java, also the symbol of Purwokerto”, Zaineb said.

On this occasion Ir. Aman Suyadi M.P donates 23 trees to the Head of the base camp in Bambangan as symbol of respect to nature and to support the conservation of the forest.

“For me this was the second time climbing a mountain in Central Java, and I am glad to say that climbing Slamet Mountain was the most intensive, wonderful and awesome experience that I have ever done. I had the pleasure to meet nice, friendly, smart and strong people. We were really a powerful team, and all of us expressed compassion to each other, helping each other to reach the peak and go down.  This is the spirit of Muhammadiyah University of Purwokerto and I hope each of us will never stop to show it in every aspect of our life. In the same time I would like to express my desire to have the opportunity to climb the highest mountain in Indonesia with Muhammadiyah team”, Ionut said.


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