Purwokerto is the capital of Banyumas Regency in Central Java, Indonesia. Nicknamed ‘students city’, the city offers a relaxed lifestyle in a safe, friendly, and pollution-free environment. With numerous public and private universities, Purwokerto hosts more than 50.000 university students from all over Indonesia and the world.

Located on the base of Slamet volcano, the highest one in Central Java, Purwokerto is a city well-known for the scenic and exotic view of its nature. The weather in Purwokerto is very pleasant with the average temperature around 20 degrees Celsius in the rainy season and around 33 degrees Celsius in the hot season.

Traditional culture plays an important role in the lives of people in Purwokerto. This can be seen from the daily life of the people and the cultural events held regularly by the local government.

Like other Indonesians, people in Purwokerto are very friendly and helpful. Smile is an essential gesture when they meet, even to strangers. They are very hospitable towards guests. They will ensure that you feel at home when you stay in Purwokerto. Therefore, you surely won’t feel lonely here.

The combination between the unspoiled nature, well-preserved culture, and friendly people make Purwokerto one of the most livable cities in Indonesia.


Living in Purwokerto is very affordable, with the cost of travel, eating-out, and rent noticeably lower than other cities in Indonesia.

There are many different accommodations available in Purwokerto, depending on your needs and budget. However, in general, the cost is affordable compared with other cities in Indonesia. Like in other cities, accommodations close to the city center or university campus are relatively more expensive than those that are further from it. You can choose to rent a room in a dormitory provided by the universities and by local people or you can also rent a house.

The average dormitory room rental price is around Rp 3.500.000 – Rp 7.000.000 ($270-$550) per year.

The average rental price for a two-bedroom house is around Rp 7.000.000 – Rp 20.000.000 ($550-$1500) per year.

Getting Around

Purwokerto is easy to get around. Local transportations are ready to take you around the city. Angkot, a modified minivan is available from 03.00 in the morning up to 17.00 in the afternoon with a very cheap fare of merely Rp 3.000 ($0.23) per ride. A kilometer of taxi ride in Purwokerto costs around Rp 4.000 ($ 0.35). The driver of Ojek, a motorcycle transport will take you to your destination faster with the cost of about Rp 3.500 ($ 0.30) per kilometer.

If you opt to rent a car or a motorcycle during your stay in Purwokerto you need a driver license which you can get at a local police station. The average rent price is around Rp 250.000 ($ 19) per day for a car and around Rp 40.000 ($3) per day for a motorcycle. However, you can get a deal if you rent them for a longer period (per week/month).

Purwokerto train station is only 6.5 km from Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto and only 1.4 km from the city center. The trains connect Purwokerto to major cities in Java Island such as Jakarta (5 hrs), Bandung (7 hrs), Yogyakarta (3 hrs), Solo (4 hrs), Surabaya (10 hrs), and Malang (13 hrs). You can also take a bus at the bus station to get to those cities but they usually take longer time.

In total, the living cost in Purwokerto is ranging from IDR 1.500.000,- / USD 113 to IDR 1.800.000,- / USD 135. The amount that is cheaper than another living cost in another big cities in Indonesia.