Banyumas regency situated in the southwest of Central Java is very rich in cultures and arts. Every year, there are a number of traditional processions or ceremonies held by local people and supported by the government. These ceremonies attract both domestic and international tourists to see the procession. The followings are some of traditional ceremonies in Banyumas:

Kirab Prosesi Pusaka Banyumas (Banyumas Heirloom Procession)

The heirloom procession is held annually on the occasion of Banyumas anniversary on 5April. The heirlooms in this procession are in a form of Keris (dagger), Tombak (spear), and Koran (Kitam Stambul). There’s also a visualization of Adipati Mrapat (Former regent of Banyumas) in the event.

Prosesi Grebeg Suran (Grebeg Suran Procession)

The procession is annually held on Tuesday/ Friday Kliwon in Sura Month of Javanese calendar in to thank for the God’s mercy. The procession takes place in the area of Baturraden.

Prosesi Jaro Rojab (Jaro Rojab Procession)

The Jaro Rojab procession is held every year on 10 Rajab month of Javanese calendar. The main event of this procession is to replace the old jaro (fence) surrounding Kyai Tulih cemetery complex in Masjid Saka Tunggal (One-pillar Mosque), Wangon with the new one.

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Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP) is located in Banyumas regency that has many tourism places with beautiful sceneries. It enables the domestic and international students of UMP to enjoy their leisure time in various tourism objects in the regency. Here are some recommended places to visit:


1. Baturraden

Baturraden tourist resort lies on the slope of Slamet Mount. It takes 30 minutes from the center of the town. Visitors can enjoy beautiful sceneries and fresh air with temperature of 18-20 C. There are swimming pool, Kiddy Train, lake, and Water boom.

2. Curug Cipendok

Cipendok waterfall has about 80 meters of height and is located in Cilongok, 25 km to the west of Purwokerto. It takes 30 minutes to get the waterfall from the center of Purwokerto by car.

3. Sumber Air Panas Pancuran Tujuh

Pancuran Tujuh hot spring is situated close to the forest and around 2.5 km away from the gate of Baturraden tourism park. It is said that at first there were 7 fountains of hot water containing sulphur. The water is believed to cure rheumatic and itches due to the content of sulphur in the water.

4. Menara Pandang Teratai Purwokerto

Menara Pandang Teratai Purwokerto is a tower located in Kedungwuluh, West Purwokerto, Banyumas Regency. The 117-meter-high viewing tower, which was built since 2021, is a new tourism infrastructure project in the Kota Baru area of ​​Purwokerto, which is located in the Bung Karno Street area.


5. Agaran Hill

In addition to the natural beauty on offer, staying overnight or camping in this place is also the reason why this place is a favorite destination. In the vicinity there are also stalls selling hot food and drinks. For those of you who are interested in coming there, we recommend coming between 16:00 and 17:30 WIB.

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