• Definitions
A “Visiting Professor” is a lecturer from partner University, who is invited to Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto to hold a series of seminars/lectures in the course of an appropriate visiting period at the University. “Visiting Professor” may teach, assist in enhancing existing curriculum or in developing new courses, or engage in research that is of substantial benefit to the individual and to the University for a period of no more than one year. “Visiting Professor” should provide an important if not considerable contribution to the Undergraduate’s and Master’s Degree program. “Visiting Professor” also perform a “mediating” function with the research group of the University they come from and, therefore, represent an occasion to develop international Interuniversity cooperation relations.
  • Benefits
  1. Exposure for the Department and the University.
  2. Papers published in the discipline shared by the Lecturer/Professor.
  3. Professor serve as ambassadors for UMP upon their return.
  4. Opens potential for collaboration with other universities for faculty and students.
  5. Increased university resources, connections to other universities around the world.
  6. New ideas and programs for faculty to work with.
  7. More Memorandums of Understandings and Agreements signed. 
  • Application Process
  1. Complete an Application for International Visiting Professor that can be downloaded here (Visiting Professor Application Form) and submit the application, a current resume/CV, and a copy of your passport to the International Affairs Office website or through this link 
  2. The International Affairs Office of UMP will follow up with the Coordinator of International Program of the Faculty/Department.
  3. If application is found to be acceptable, the Coordinator of International Program of the Faculty/Department will discuss the application with Dean for the approval and also with appropriate faculty/department members.
  4. If it is approved by the Dean, the Coordinator of International Program of the Faculty/Department will communicate such decision to the International Affairs Office of UMP and it will advise the applicant and coordinate further arrangements including the issuance of necessary documents and/or immigration paperwork. 
  • UMP Provides:
  1. Office space; may be shared with faculty.
  2. Lab space; shared with faculty.
  3. Identification badges.
  4. Help with Professor’s visa and other necessary forms.
  5. Help with housing, and more. (Travel and accommodation expenses and any integration to the salary will be covered by home university.)
  • Criteria of Visiting Professor
  1. An advanced degree or recognized expertise in his/her field.
  2. A source of financial support, including health insurance, from outside Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto.
  3. Excellent verbal communication.
  4. Thorough understanding of the courses, ability to handle an increased course load.
  5. Empathy.
  6. Knowledge of various teaching style.
  7. Ability to develop the materials and create projects for students.
  8. Leadership; ability to recognize opportunity.
  9. Problem-solving ability.
  10. Teamwork; adaptability and flexibility.
  11. Good time management. 
  • Expectations
  1. Faculty and Professors are to work on proposals and approvals prior to Professor’s arrival.
  2. A clear time-line of work to be done should be determined.
  3. Faculty should work with Professor to make sure that all necessary objectives are met.
  4. At least one paper should be submitted to a professional journal relevant to the program.
  5. At least one seminar presentation should be conducted by the Professor.