My experience at UMP and in Indonesia has been wonderful and unforgettable. I am glad that I worked at the IAO and that I lived in Purwokerto because the atmosphere was good, I met amazing and friendly people and I learned a lot about the Indonesian culture. What I liked the most was the people: everyone has always helped me and took care of me and they made me feel at home and accepted. It's really amazing the way people treated me in Purwokerto, I felt at home. Purwokerto is a nice city with natural places to visit like Mount Slamet which can be seen from UMP. Moreover, there are many good restaurants and coffee shops in town with a variety of food. The city has many good things to offer and it helps to feel completely immersed in the culture. So I think that working at UMP and living in Purwokerto represent a good opportunity to live a unique, adventurous and challenging experience where there are a continuous learning and discovery.

I recommend anyone to go there and to live this beautiful experience that they will always remember and which will strengthen them in all aspects!

UMP: start here, go anywhere!