Nina Kos

After spending almost 3 months working at UMP International Affairs Office, I can say without a doubt that UMP is a place where every student matters. The university organizes countless of events, activities, where students have a chance to actively participate, which increases their skills and what is the most important, it gives them an opportunity to discover their passion in life. If I would have to describe UMP with two words, it would be friendly atmosphere. Studying at UMP gives you a sense of belonging. Forming a part of community where everyone is treated equally, regardless of their race or religion and the place where officials doors are always open for students. Good relations are essential for the personal growth and development and that is why I truly agree with a quote, UMP, start here, go anywhere...

Zaineb Tassa - Italy

My experience at UMP and in Indonesia has been wonderful and unforgettable. I am glad that I worked at the IAO and that I lived in Purwokerto because the atmosphere was good, I met amazing and friendly people and I learned a lot about the Indonesian culture. What I liked the most was the people: everyone has always helped me and took care of me and they made me feel at home and accepted. It's really amazing the way people treated me in Purwokerto, I felt at home. Purwokerto is a nice city with natural places to visit like Mount Slamet which can be seen from UMP. Moreover, there are many good restaurants and coffee shops in town with a variety of food. The city has many good things to offer and it helps to feel completely immersed in the culture. So I think that working at UMP and living in Purwokerto represent a good opportunity to live a unique, adventurous and challenging experience where there are a continuous learning and discovery.

I recommend anyone to go there and to live this beautiful experience that they will always remember and which will strengthen them in all aspects!

UMP: start here, go anywhere!

Souhaila Guedira/ Morocco

Indonesia is a beautiful and large country and rich of history, culture, food, amazing landscapes, and kind people. I had the chance to visit many places and regions in central Java, Yogyakarta, Bali, and Lombok. It was a little bit hard for me in the beginning to handle the cultural shock, the differences, and being dependent on others for transportation, communications with locals, etc. But I think I get used to it after that and I am really satisfied and thankful for the people I met here to make this trip an unforgettable and amazing experience for me. I experienced a warm welcoming atmosphere, very kind and helpful people, funny, joyful, offering help to make me feel comfortable and enjoy my stay here. (Souhaila)

Kevin Sabourin / France

At Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto, I do a bit of teaching but I am also involved with the promotion of the university through school visits to junior and senior high schools. I also translated documents for the university, usually Standard Operational Procedure documents from Bahasa Indonesia to English. I had the chance to visit Baturraden, a place nearby with beautiful waterfall and hot water sources

All people at UMP are very helpful. They came to pick me up at the airport at my arrival, and helped me with my visa extension. The general conditions and standards were met. In addition, Middle Java is a nice area to live in. It is a great area for touristic places and food

The thing I will never forget is the Summer Camp of UMP which is a great opportunity to meet international students while also visiting the most interesting places of the area. I’d recommend it for others interns in Indonesia whether it is in my university or another one.

Lorenzo Difrancescantonio

I feel very happy to have taken part in this internship program. I embrace all of the positive and negative experiences I had in Indonesia because they taught me something new. I think that I will be flying back to Europe as a more open, understanding, culturally rich, and overall better person. I also have more friends now and connections in Indonesia which I will be happy to come back to in the future. Ultimately, I feel very proud of the impact that I could make on the students whom I have presented to as they were always happy to have the chance to talk to me and they always accepted me very warm and welcoming manner. (Lorenzo)