Arts and Culture Programs

BIPA of Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP) offers Arts and Culture Program. This program is intended to introduce the Culture of Indonesia and Banyumas in particular. The programs of Arts and Culture provided by BIPA UMP are:

  • Karawitan Gagrag Banyumasan

Karawitan Gagrag Banyumasan is one of Karawitan styles or types in Java Island. UMP has BIPA tutors who are specialized in Karawitan musical instruments.

  • Calung Banyumasan (Bamboo Orchestra)

Calung is a set of traditionally musical instruments made from bamboo. It is played in the traditional dances of Banyumas such as Lengger and Gambyong Banyumasan.

  • Batik Banyumasan Paintings

Batik Banyumasan is one of Batik motives found in Indonesia. It is typical to its dark and sharp color. The students of BIPA will have an opportunity to see and practice the process of Batik production.

  • Banyumasan Dance

Banyumas regency has several traditional dances such as Lengger Banyumasan, Gambyong, Cipat Cipit, and Rumekso dance. The foreign students will be taught how to dance in the culture and art class.