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Five Students of Nursing Department UMP Taking Courses in AUF Philippines

26 April 2018 by News and Events 819 Views

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Department of Nursing S1 Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP) is now undertaking the Credit Earning Program (CEP) in collaboration with Angeles University Foundation (AUF), Philippines. The group from UMP consisting of 5 students and one lecturer safely arrived in Philippines and was warmly welcomed by the representatives of AUF on Wednesday (April 25, 2018). The CEP will be done for 6 weeks started from 23 April to 4 June 2018.

The head of Nursing Department S1 UMP, Ns. Sri Suparti, S.Kep, M. Kep., said the objectives of this program are to earn credits by joining several courses at AUF; to get clear description of Nursing education in another country, to implement the Memorandum of Action with AUF, to promote Summer Program PSIK of FHS UMP to universities in Philippines, and to experience new atmosphere of learning and culture in Philippines.

 “In short, our faculty wants to show that we can do a real action of partnership at the international level,” said Suparti.

According to Dr. Ns. Umi Solikhah, S.Pd., M.Kep. (Head of Department Pediatric Nursing), also coming to join the CEP at AUF, the five students joining the program are Fini Alfiani Cantigi Ram, Indita Wilujeng Astiti, Shinta Antin Kumalasari, Tiffatul Jannah Firdausya, and Wiji Pangestu from Nursing Department S1.

Umi expects the students will do the learning activities very well and focus on the objectives so that the new and useful knowledge can be obtained and shared with their friends at UMP and in Nursing Department in particular. In addition, they are also later expected to be capable of applying the knowledge they get in society.

The CEP between UMP and AUF is just one numerous collaborative activities to do by both universities. All programs planned are intended to strengthen the partnership between the two universities. (nov-kui)


'Bule' Cooking Nasi Goreng at International Harmony Day

26 April 2018 by News and Events 705 Views

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In the series of events to commemorate the birthday of Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP), International students from Netherlands, Italy, Romania, Sudan, Korea, Thailand, and Afghanistan came to UMP to attend International Harmony Day (IHS) held on 19th April 2018. The IHD organized by International Affairs Office (IAO) UMP was an annual program with aim to promote the culture of Indonesia and particularly of Purwokerto, to strengthen International atmosphere at the Campus and to introduce culture from various countries around the word to UMP students.


Officially opened by Jebul Suroso, Vice Rector for Development and Partnership, the IHD 2018 was attended by Lisa Vermeulen, Alie Hofman, Floor Bodewes, and Anne Marrit from Netherlands, Zayed from Afghanistan, Zaineb Tassa from Italy, Hassan, Khalid, Mohammed, and Ibrahim from Sudan, Park Chongnam from South Korea, Nadia E-Tae & Wildan Ruesa from Thailand, and Ionut Cristian Cazacu from Romania.


The participants took part in various activities such as games, quiz on Indonesian insight, cooking competition, and food Expo. There was also acoustic music performance by UMP students. Some participants sang together with UMP students to make the event more cheerful. UMP students attending the food Expo were also excited to buy the food sold from each participating country. The Indonesian food the participants had to cook was Nasi Goreng. Definitely, the taste of the Nasi Goreng cooked by each participant differed one another depending from which countries they are from. 

Zaineb Tassa, one of participants, looked very excited and enjoyed the activities in the IHD. "It is really Fun. I hope this kind of event needs to be done more often," said the Italian.

"This IHD plays important role for the internationalization of UMP. The participating students will know what our university looks like and it is expected that they spread the good information to their friends in order to attract them to study here", said Jebul.

The IHD was closed by the annoncement of the Winner of competitions and quizes. In addition, the money collected from selling the food was then donated to the people in need in Purwokerto. (nov-kui)


Learning Disaster Mitigation from Japanese Experts

26 April 2018 by News and Events 629 Views

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On Thursday, 29 April 2018, Prof. Takehiro Hayashi and Dr. Fujikawa from Hijiyama University, Japan, came to Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP) to give a lecture on the Disaster prevention. The guest lecture was attended by hundred students from Faculty of Teacher Training and Education and Faculty of Engineering UMP.

Prof. Hayashi, who is a vice president and also senior lecturer at Hijiyama University, talked about the process of earthquake and volcano eruption. He said that the geographical feature of Indonesia makes the country more susceptible to natural disaster such as earthquake and volcano eruption. However, he encouraged people to be more aware and not to be panic if the disaster happened. "The first thing to do if such disaster happened is to save your Life first, run and escape as quickly as possible. Therefore, you can save other lives afterwards", said Prof Hayashi.

According to the head of Department of Geography Education, Sakinah M.Hum, this guest lecture was intended to give new insight for the students regarding the Mitigation system in Japan. "Japan is well-known for its quick and good sytem of disaster recovery. Therefore, we need to learn about it", said Sakinah.

Besides giving lecture for UMP students, Prof Hayashi and Dr fujikawa also visited Primary School of UMP to give lesson about disaster prevention to the Students. (nov-kui)


KUI climbing Slamet Mount for the first time

24 April 2018 by News and Events 697 Views

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(Zaineb, Ibu Novi and Ionut at the top of Slamet)

On the 4th April 2018, Ionut Cazacu- an international student and Zaineb Tassa- an international intern staff of UMP participated to the expedition to the Slamet Mount organized under the program of the Vice-Rector Ir. Aman Suyadi M.P.

They were accompanied and guided by two Vice-rectors, the MAPALA team, the Head of financial bureau and the International Office. They contributed all together to the accomplishment of UMP’s goal: celebrating its 53th birthday by reaching the peak of the mountain. It has been an honor for Ionut and Zaineb, who represent the two first international members of UMP climbing Slamet mount.

“It was a nice experience for me: the cooperation and the atmosphere were for me more important than reaching the top. I liked the perfect organization. I felt secured and comfortable because everyone took care of me. I am glad I was part of it: I made new friends, I was in connection with nature and it was an honor for me to climb the highest mountain in Central Java, also the symbol of Purwokerto”, Zaineb said.

On this occasion Ir. Aman Suyadi M.P donates 23 trees to the Head of the base camp in Bambangan as symbol of respect to nature and to support the conservation of the forest.

“For me this was the second time climbing a mountain in Central Java, and I am glad to say that climbing Slamet Mountain was the most intensive, wonderful and awesome experience that I have ever done. I had the pleasure to meet nice, friendly, smart and strong people. We were really a powerful team, and all of us expressed compassion to each other, helping each other to reach the peak and go down.  This is the spirit of Muhammadiyah University of Purwokerto and I hope each of us will never stop to show it in every aspect of our life. In the same time I would like to express my desire to have the opportunity to climb the highest mountain in Indonesia with Muhammadiyah team”, Ionut said.



International Students at UMP

24 April 2018 by News and Events 687 Views

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(International students of UMP having class visit)

Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto is hosting for the seventh year several international students from different backgrounds and studying various subjects.

Alie Hofman, Marrit Van Forth, Floor Bodewes and Lisa Vermeulen are Dutch medicine students from the University of Groningen conducting a research on the acceptance rate of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccination among parents and health care professionals in Purwokerto.

With the collaboration of four students from the Pharmacology department at UMP and with the supervision of PhD Didik Setiawan, they handed out informative flyers explaining about the HPV vaccination to parents and to health center professionals. In addition they distributed questionnaires to parents with the aim of assessing and studying parents’ knowledge and attitude toward the HPV and cervical cancer, and examining parents’ response toward the employment of HPV in particularly on their daughters.

This research has strengthened the collaboration and the relationship between the University of Groningen and Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto. It represents also a good opportunity for the four students of Pharmacology who reinforced their English communication skills.

“It is an enriching experience: an interesting subject in a different culture and country, we are living the real Indonesian experience with a good learning process and it is also challenging due to the language”, Floor said.

During their free time they travel around Indonesia, they go out with some Indonesian friends they met in Purwokerto to enjoy the city and to try Indonesian food. “Life in Purwokerto is calm. There is no stress and no hurry. Living here is good. I’m enjoying my time here,” Floor said.

Ionut Cazacu, known as Paijo, is a Rumanian student of BIPA Program who obtained the BIPA scholarship from UMP. He is studying the Indonesian and Javanese language, and also the traditional dances from Banyumas regency. The BIPA program is helping him to reach his goal: acquiring more knowledge about the Indonesian culture and improving his Indonesian learning.

Ionut started learning Indonesian since the end of 2014 because of his interest and passion to Gamelan, the Javanese traditional orchestra and to the traditional dances. “I started to learn Bahasa Indonesia because I wanted to understand deeply the Javanese culture. I think that learning directly the language here is the best method, because I am constantly in touch with locals and with the culture, therefore I am learning facts that maybe I wouldn’t have acquired in Romania. Behind the words and the structure of the language, you can understand people’s mindset and their perspective about life”, Ionut said.

Since September 2015 after he came back from Indonesia, he started collaborating with the Embassy of Indonesia in Bucharest. As a matter of fact he took part in many events like the World Experience Festival, the International Women’s Association of Bucharest (Christmas Bazar) and the Asia Festival in Romania.

In Romania, Ionut works as concerts organizer where he is also in charge of the biggest Film Festival of Romania. He has worked with several artists like Rihanna and Lady Gaga.

He likes to spend time with his Indonesian friends so that he can always practice Indonesian, but he also visits some schools where he helps the students practicing their English. He likes meeting locals that live in the countryside for sharing, learning and discussing-but he also travels sometimes in Indonesia. “I am just enjoying the life here”, Ionut said.

Zaineb Tassa, an Italian student coming from France, is doing an internship at the International Affairs Office. She is a post-graduate student in Cross-Cultural Management and International Business at the University of Mulhouse and Colmar in France. Doing an internship abroad is a requirement from her university in France as part of her studies. As a matter of fact, she has decided to come to Indonesia because of its multiculturalism and diversity.

She is accomplishing several tasks in Purwokerto: she is attending school visits where she meets students and shares about her culture, she is giving French classes and meeting students in UMP and presenting about different topics like business, culture etc...  And she is also accomplishing other assignments at the International office.

Working at the international department is helping her acquiring experience and new skills in different fields.

During her free time she goes out with her Indonesian friends, she enjoys Purwokerto and sometimes during the week-end she travels to other cities, to discover Indonesia’s beauty with its diverse landscape. “Indonesia is beautiful: the nature here makes me feel speechless; the people are hospitable and are always smiling, they always treat me as someone special and sometimes I feel embarrassed because I am not thanking them enough for their kindness and hospitality. I am learning a lot about the culture just by observing Indonesians and interacting with them. It is enriching for me. I like the diversity here, that makes people be united,”Zaineb said. (Zai-KUI)


International Teaching Practice Program of UMP : Strengthening Partnership Indonesia-Malaysia

22 March 2018 by News and Events 669 Views

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Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP) and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) again have collaboratively carried out the International Teaching Practice (ITP) program in Malaysia. 13 best students from Department of Mathematics Education and English Education Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FTTE) UMP successfully accomplished the program from 17 February to 15 March 2018. The students were distributed to schools in Malaysia in accordance with their majors, Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Mutiara Rini and Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Mutiara Rini Johor Baru, Malaysia.

Novi Haryanti, M.Pd., the coordinator of the program, said the ITP is a follow up activity of the MoU already signed by UMP and UTM and also the real action to strengthen the partnership between both universities. In practice, the students of UMP taught two schools appointed by UTM and they were supervised by lecturers from the Malaysian university and from the schools.

In addition, Novi said during the program, the students of UMP experienced cultural and educational system differences in the country of the Twin Towers. In terms of cultural experience, the students found out the different language such as Malay, Hindi, Chinese, and English. Meanwhile, regarding the educational system, the students also said that the curriculum is a little bit different from the one in Indonesia.

 “The differences found out by the students are of course not the kind of cultural shock. However, it is considered as challenges for the students to survive while doing community services in Malaysia.” She said.

Berkah Dian, one of the students doing the ITP, agrees with Novi’s statement dealing with the cultural and educational system differences. She found it interesting and considered it a challenge in delivering materials to the students. To conquer such challenge, the students of UMP tried hard to understand the materials and curriculum used in Malaysia. “At first we were surprised with differences found, but after the three days of observation and supervision by lecturers and teachers everything was running smoothly,” she explained.

From the ITP progran, Dian and her friends could see how educational system in Malaysia works. Therefore, in being the real teacher someday, they are able to perform wisely in facing differences. “Despite the different culture of the students, they were enthusiastic in following our learning activities,” she said. Dian also hopes their presences in the two school could tie up the differences of culture among the students. (KUI)


UMP to Send Students for Internship Program in Japan

14 March 2018 by News and Events 725 Views

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Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP) together with other universities under Muhammadiyah organization attended a meeting with PT. Chikyujin Indonesia Institute on Friday 9 March 2018 in Universitas Muhammadiyah Jakarta (UMJ).


The meeting was about the introduction of PT. Chikyujin Indonesia Institute, the discussion of the program feedback, and the program offer for next year. Represented by Dr. Gayuh Prasetyo from Faculty of Agriculture and Novan Andrianto, SPd from International Affairs Office (IAO), UMP also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the company dealing with the internship program in Japan.


The first internship program organized by the Chikyujin Foreign Student Service Foundation involved 38 students from Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara (UMSU), Universitas Padjajaran (UNPAD), and Universitas Simalungun Indonesia (USI). The internship was done at Yukiguni Maitake co ltd, Niiagata in August 2017 – February 2018.

The internship program gives the participants opportunity to learn, observe, and do the cultivation of Mushroom in Japan. Furthermore, the participants will learn how to adapt to new environment and culture, new people, and new habit. “At first, it was very difficult to do adaptation in Japan due to different weather, culture and also religion. However, we learnt much from our experience living in that country. We became more discipline, more focused, and able to speak little Japanese despite the things that are needed to be improved” said Imam, a student from UMSU having already finished his 6.5 month internship program in Japan.

UMP through its IAO is currently preparing its students to be sent for internship program in Japan in collaboration with the Chikyujin Foreign Student Service Foundation in 2018 which require the participants to at least be able to speak in Japanese for everyday life. (Nov-KUI)


UMP Students to Study in Bulgaria under the Erasmus + Programme

14 March 2018 by News and Events 677 Views

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On the winter semester 2018/2019 Fuad Arifudin Abi Maryo and Bagas P.Utomo, two students from English Literature and English Education at UMP will have the honor to study at Sofia University St.Kliment Ohridsky from October 2018 until February 2019 under the Erasmus+ Programme.

This program provides an excellent opportunity for the students who will be attending four courses in the best university in Bulgaria and will learn more about the Bulgarian culture. Studying abroad is the best way to achieve international experience; students will be in direct contact not only with locals but also with students from all over the world.

It is an enriching experience from which they will gain a lot on the educational level and also on the human level. Thanks to Erasmus+ Programme, UMP will be known worldwide to help the university achieve its vision and mission of internationalization. This activity will also strengthen the partnership between UMP and Sofia University, Bulagaria. (Zaineb-KUI)


UTM Malaysia Warmly Welcomed UMP Students to Do Teaching Practice

18 February 2017 by News and Events 865 Views
John Deo

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With the vision “Start Here, Go Anywhere” Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP) runs a number of internationalization programs. Recently, UMP sent 15 achievement students chosen from Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) of UMP to Malaysia to undertake teaching practice program (PPL) at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). The program is planned to run for 29 days from February 16 to March 16. 2017.


Prof. Dr. Baharuddin Aris, Ph.D., the dean of Faculty of Education of UTM, warmly welcomed the students of UMP represented by Drs. Pudiyono, M.Hum., the dean of FKIP of UMP on Tuesday, February 14. In the meeting, both UMP and UTM are committed to mutually develop their students.


 “We are expecting 15 students sent here can take advantages of knowledge and skills. The differences found in this campus will help them develop their competences,” said Pudiyono.


Referring to the data from International Affairs Office of UMP, the university has run international programs in collaboration with 37 countries around the world involving the cooperation of Tri Darma of higher education such as Education, Research, and Community Services. (Gun translated by Nov)



15 Students of UMP to Teach in Malaysia: START HERE GO ANYWHERE!

14 February 2017 by News and Events 878 Views
John Deo

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Asean Economic Community (AEC) becoming the popular issue nowadays insists all citizens of the South East Asian countries, including Indonesia, be well prepared in terms of international-level capability. Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP) with its tagline START HERE GO ANYWHERE is committed to prepare its students with ability to compete in this global world. One of efforts done to undertake the internationalization is the implementation of International Teaching Practicum in Univesiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) for the students from Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) for 28 days.

Last week, UMP through International Affairs Office (IAO) conducted a briefing for the students before they leave for UTM. The briefing attended by Santhy Hawanti, PhD., the Director of IAO, Drs. Pamujo, MPd., the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs of FKIP UMP, and Pratik Hari Yuwono, MA., the lecturer of FKIP UMP was for giving the explanation of any important information before the students’ departure to Malaysia.

Dr. Jebul Suroso, the Vice Rector for Development and Partnership Affairs, believes this international teaching practicum program is very important to show how UMP wants to position itself in the international level. “This program is intended to give both academic and cultural experience for our students. As a vice rector, I give my appreciation for the dean of FKIP and the director of IAO for implementing this program. In the future, we are expecting to have more collaborative activities such as community services for all faculties,” said Jebul.

Moreover, Santhy who has experienced of living in Australia during her doctoral study and in Bulgaria while teaching Bahasa Indonesia in the SAME Program from the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristek Dikti) gave motivation and preparation so that the students will be mentally ready to teach Malaysian students at schools in Johor Baru region, Malaysia. “You all have to enjoy any challenges you face in your life, so you’ll find it easier to solve them. Believe in yourself!” said Santhy.

Apart from that, Pamujo told the students to behave well, obey any rules during their stay, and save face of the university’s reputation. He wants to ensure the students are completely ready to undertake this teaching practicum. In addition, Pratik emphasized this program is so beneficial and valuable that the students need to take as many advantages of it while learning and gaining experiences in Malaysia. The students will carry out this international teaching practicum program from February 14th to March 15th, 2017. (Nov-kui)

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