BIPA UMP Held Tour Class for Foreign Students

10 February 2022 by News and Events 402 Views
BIPA UMP held a Tour Class to start the implementation of the even semester 2021/2022 BIPA class. This is an effort to familiarize BIPA teachers with foreign students who recently arrived in Indonesia from their country.

“There were 14 international students who were accepted in the 2021/2022 academic year, 5 people were present in Purwokerto, divided into BIPA classes A1 (basic level) and A2 (advanced level). So far, they have received online BIPA teaching. For those who have attended, we plan to hold a face-to-face BIPA class. This Tour Class agenda is an effort to get to know and familiarize the foreign teachers and students," said Titik Wahyuningsih as BIPA coordinator.

This Tour Class agenda was held on Wednesday, February 9th, 2022 in Baturraden. departing at 9 am, the team, which was attended by BIPA teachers, buddy, and foreign students from Morocco, Pakistan, and Yemen, headed to Baturraden with the UMP bus. Apparently, buses are not allowed to enter the Baturraden area, so, the journey continues by angkudes from Baturraden Terminal.

But, this is actually an interesting moment for foreign students.

"Foreign students have experience using public transportation which they may not feel when they go alone in the early days of their existence in Purwokerto with limited Indonesian language skills," said Titik.

While in the tourist area, foreign students not only enjoy the natural beauty of Baturraden, but also get brief information about the meaning of the word Baturraden and the story behind it. They also practice Indonesian language activities with games to find new friends and get information about new friends they meet in Baturraden.

Not only that, they were also asked to find out what the Indonesian term was from the pictures given to them. Then they were asked to provide additional information according to their ability to explain the picture in front of the teachers and other students.

The foreign students stated that they were very satisfied with the existing agenda. Ahmad Taha, a participant from Yemen even said that the natural beauty he saw was like heaven.

"This is Jannah," he said with sparkling eyes.

The event ended with lunch together on the way back to UMP campus. This lunch event is also a suggestion to introduce traditional Indonesian food to foreign students. The Tour Class participants also seemed to really enjoy the food, although some felt the chili sauce was too spicy on their tongues

With the Tour Class agenda, BIPA students succeeded in increasing their Indonesian knowledge, not only about language but also culture, tourist attractions, and culinary arts. Furthermore, BIPA UMP is ready to carry out offline and online classes for all BIPA participants. (Ttk)
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