Four Awardees of Student Exchange from UMP Go to Egypt and Turkey

06 February 2022 chav News and Events 380 Views
The Faculty of Pharmacy Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto sent four students to Egypt and Turkey to take a part in a student exchange.

The student exchange will be held at one of the best universities in Egypt, namely Zagazig University- Zagazig, Egypt and one of the best universities in Turkey, namely Acibadem University – Istanbul, Turkey.

Four UMP students were sent, namely Raodatul Jannah and Khairunnisa Nanda Aulia who were sent to Turkey. Camelia Ayu Prawesti and Rahmatika Intan Nurul Baeti were sent to Egypt.

The release ceremony was attended by Vice-Chancellor I for Academic Affairs and Cooperation, Ir Aman Suyadi MP,. Vice Chancellor III for Student Affairs, Alumni, and Al Islam Kemuhammadiyahan Akhmad Darmawan MSi,. and the dean and vice dean of the pharmacy faculty, as well as the Bureau of International Affairs (BUI), in the courtroom located in the rectorate building, Wednesday (26/01/2022).

Vice-Chancellor I for Academic Affairs and Cooperation Ir Aman Suyadi MP,. advised students who take part in the student exchange to maintain their health and hoped that the four students could provide inspiration for other students.

He said, "We hope that later you will be able to set an example that inspires your classmates to be able to follow your success,".

Meanwhile, Khairunnisa Nanda Aulia in her interview hoped that by joining this program she would gain new knowledge and relationships. And she hopes that her juniors will also take part in student exchanges like this.

"What is certain is that my hope is to gain new knowledge because knowledge is broad and unlimited, especially in the field of pharmacy, and I hope I can add to my relationships and networking," she explained.

Another student that take part in this student exchange, Camelia Ayu Prawesti advised students who wish to take part in student exchanges to prepare their minds, skills, reproduce and improve their CVs and she also hopes that many students will follow in our footsteps.

"Hopefully, there will be many students who will follow in our footsteps to go abroad, if possible, there will be more choices from other countries so that faculties and universities can cooperate in various countries as well," she said.
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