UMP is preparing for Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards Program

27 April 2021 by News and Events 1308 Views
Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP) is preparing for Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards Program (IISMA). This is a program from the Government of Indonesia scholarship scheme to fund Indonesian students on mobility program at top 300 universities overseas managed by the Ministry of Education and Culture (MoEC). With the great contribution from International Affairs Office UMP that never stops enhancing global opportunities, this program can be participated by UMP Students.

There are some selection steps for the students who join this program. the first step is that the students must have the recommendation from their faculty. in this case, each of faculties has sent 5 students to follow the next steps. the next step is the students should join a pre-test organized by Language Development Center (LDC) UMP. From 49 students sent by all faculties, there are 27 students who get a high score that will have a privilege to have special training of English proficiency from LDC for around a month. after the special training,  there will be also another selection to take 10 students that will be registered to MoEC for the IISMA program.

Head of International Affairs Office, Dr. Condro Nur Alim hope that with this program UMP can reach wider opportunity to keep sending students to overseas universities just like UMP's mottos "Start here go anywhere". He also said that this program is really competitive because the participants who join this program are from all universities in Indonesia. 

"This is a really good opportunity for students to enhance their experience globally. when I was younger, there was no such kind of opportunities like this, so I hope that there will be many students from UMP who will take this great opportunity", he said. 

Besides the IISMA program, there is also another program is International Credit Transfer Program also managed by MoEC. "For this International Credit Transfer Program, we are still recruiting students from all faculties to participate in the program," said the Head of IAO.

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