Internatrional Affairs Office UMP Do a Collaboration with Immigration Office of Cilacap to Hold Eazy Passport Program

21 April 2021 by News and Events 503 Views
International Affairs Office, Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto, Banyumas, Central Java did a collaboration with the Immigration Office of Cilacap to hold a program called Eazy Passport. The program was held on Thursday (8/4) at UMP Tower on the eighth floor. The program was purposed to facilitate and make it easier for UMP lecturers and employees in making a passport.

Head of International Affairs Office, Condro Nur Alim, Ph.D., said that he hoped that Eazy Passport will help UMP employees to make passports and become the permanent program in UMP.

"We hope this program can help UMP big family in managing making passport, thank you Immigration Office of Cilacap for the collaboration, we hope we can continue this program to the next batch".

UMP lecturer, Wildan Nurul Fajar as one of the ones who made passport through this program really appreciated the Eazy Passport program.

"Alhamdulillah UMP facilitate us through this program that works together with Immigration Office, in this pandemic situation that force us not to go out of town still can make passport though this program. Eazy Passport awesome!', she said.
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