Rector of UMP Gets IMM Award 2021 Education Innovator in Pandemic Era Category

18 March 2021 by News and Events 432 Views
Rector of Universitas Muhammadiayh Purwokerto (UMP), Dr. Jebul Suroso got an award as an innovator and education activator in the pandemic of Covid-19 era from IMM Award 2021. Dr. Jebul Suroso is known as a figure that likes to go through places to give socialization, education, and also directly answering what society needs in this pandemic of Covid-19.

Chairman of IMM Affiliate Banyumas regency, Teguh Eko Prasetyo ST. said that IMM Award is an appreciation for IMM cadre who actualize themselves going through places to give kindness to society. The award is for appreciating IMM Alumni dedication, public figures, and religion for dedication in each field.

He said that during this pandemic of Covid-19 that has been hitting us all for a year, the Rector of UMP has been putting his dedication to society.  Some of his aids for society are initiating food stall for free movement for the society of Kampung Sri Rahayu and surroundings when two days stay at home regulation in Central Java was operated. Furthermore, he also keeps doing health protocol campaigns by giving masks, hand sanitizer, and basic needs like food, drink, medicine, etc. for students that can’t go home at the beginning of the pandemic.

“Rector of UMP has done so many favors during the pandemic of Covid-19 and hope his dedication would be motivation for IMM cadre to keep contributing to society,” he said.
Dr. Jebul Suroso was thankful for the award given to him. He said that the pandemic of Covid-19 needs all sides so that we can solve and rise together.  He also asserted that IMM must have a high vision, high purpose, and capability to be collaborative in making dreams come true and be innovative in the middle of era alteration.

“It’s been our duty to take action in this pandemic era because in this time action from all sides are really needed in order to be free from the pandemic of Covid-19,” he said, Monday (15/3/2021).

He also instructed IMM to have targets in the organization so that there will be a movement that will create good figures and civilization. Because of that figures, good concepts created to pursue all of the targets.
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