Lecturers of UMP Participate in Establishing Muhammadiyah Affiliate Association in Hungary

17 March 2021 by News and Events 630 Views
Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP) kept its commitment to make UMP as a World Class University. Besides partnership programs done with various universities and overseas education institutions, this time UMP lecturers participate in establishing Muhammadiyah Affiliate Association in Hungary.

They are Feisal Aziez and Listianti. Both of them are lecturers of the Faculty of English Education UMP, meanwhile, Githa Fungie Galistianti, a lecturer of the Faculty of Pharmacy was chosen to be the administration staff of Muhammadiyah Affiliate Association in Hungary. They all are studying for Doctoral Program in Hungary.

“Firstly, We and some Muhammadiyah University lecturers and Muhammadiyah sympathizer have a communication, after that the number of the members are bigger. We agree to establish Muhammadiyah Affiliate Association in Hungary.  Because all this time, we have joined some activities held by another  Muhammadiyah  Affiliate Association in Germany like recitation. After the board election, we purpose to central management for establishing this Muhammadiyah Affiliate Association in Hungary,” Feisal explained through Whatsapp, Monday (8/3/2021).

Feisal also said that for the next, he will promote modern Islam for the world, especially in Europe. “The form will be involved in the dialog and religious movement, environment issue, healthy, social education,” he explained.

Furthermore, the Islam proselytizing challenge in Hungary is the difference of culture and language.  There are many teenagers who don’t believe in god in Europe. “This is gonna be our challenge,” he explained.

For the next, Muhammadiyah Affiliate Association in Hungary will be involved in the religious intellectuality movement concerned with environmental issues, gender inequality, healthy, social, and education.

“I hope Muhammadiayah Affiliate Association in Hungary can make Islam in Europe brighter with modern Islam that we will develop. In addition, we hope that it can be accepted by the society in Europe,” he said.

Meanwhile, Listianti, Muhammadiyah Affiliate Association Administrator, said that the work program implementation is also followed by Indonesian students outside the association.

“They are students who care with Islam proselytizing and promote modern Islam in Hungary especially and Europe generally,” she explained.

She said that all the councils of the Muhammadiyah Affiliate Association in Hungary are in agreement together with all the administrators to respond to all the problems that exist.
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