Erasmus + Provides Opportunity for Two Students of UMP to Study in Europe

12 February 2020 by News and Events 605 Views

Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP) again sent two students, Amarizky Juansita from Department of English Literature and Ailsa Tanjung Garneta from Department of English Education, to participate in the International Credit Mobility (ICM) through the Erasmus + scheme at Sofia University Bulgaria.

Dr. Jebul Suroso, Vice Rector for Academic and Partnership Affairs, congratulated the two students who have received the Erasmus + scholarship. It is absolutely not easy to get the scholarship. Therefore, he urged that the students must take advantages of it as much as possible.

Furthermore, Dr. Jebul gave a message that the two students can stay safe and broadcast the values ​​of Islam there. Islamic values ​​are a characteristic that needs to be demonstrated wherever the students of UMP are. It is expected that there will be international students who are interested in coming to Indonesia, especially Purwokerto, to get to know more closely through studying at UMP.

"You also have to be creative and productive and also always record every activity in a form of video vlog or photos. Those will be evidence of an extraordinary activity / experience at Sofia University Bulgaria "he said.

Ambar Pujiyatno, S.S., M.Hum, Dean of the Faculty of Letters, explained that this is a credit transfer activity carried out for 5 months, in which the credit will be recognized by UMP so that students will not have to take the courses at their faculty.

"The interest from the students is very high for participating in this Erasmus+ programme, even though the quota is only 2 students for UMP students each semester, the tight selection is held to ensure that the students sent are the best ones. We also provide the orientation so that the students are well prepared to do activities there, "said Ambar.

Santhy Hawanti, Ph.D., the Head of the International Affairs Office (KUI) and the coordinator of the Erasmus + Program, explained that this internationalization program is very important to introduce students to the atmosphere of campus overseas and to provide a learning experience in Europe. Santhy said that there are currently only 60 higher education institutions both public and private in Indonesia that hold similar programs. Therefore, it is a right choice to study at UMP which provides opportunities to study in Europe.

Upon returning from Europe, the learning outcomes and experiences achieved by students can be shared with friends as motivation. (nov)

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