Faculty of Pharmacy UMP & MSU Malaysia Agree to Run Double Degree

08 April 2019 by News and Events 988 Views

Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP) and Management and Science University (MSU) Malaysia are ready to implement real activities after the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing done in the previous year. On Friday, 29th March 2019, UMP delegates including Vice Rector Joko Purwanto MSi, Director of International Affairs Office Santhy Hawanti PhD, Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy Dr Agus Siswanto, Head of Master of Pharmaceutical Science Department Didik Setiawan PhD, and Head of Pharmacist Profession Program Dr Nunuk Aries Nurulita visited MSU in order to discuss the collaborative activities more comprehensively.

The delegates were warmly welcomed by the Vice President for Global Affairs, Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, and Vice Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy.

The discussion was started with the presentation of programs from UMP in order to know how it would link to the program at MSU.

“Faculty of Pharmacy is one of big faculties at UMP having a great potential to achieve an international recognition. That’s why this time we are trying to bridge this faculty to collaborate with MSU.” Santhy Said.

Santhy said that the collaboration will be in a form of double degree for undergraduate level in the Faculty of Pharmacy, and the offer of master program at MSU for graduates of the Pharmacist Profession Program of UMP.

Joko, as a vice rector for administrative affairs, added that he would give full support to these activities. “If these activities will benefit UMP and can strengthen the internationalization of the campus, on behalf of UMP I will give my full support”, Joko said.

Other faculties at UMP are also currently planning to do real action after the MoU as the gate for any collaborative activities is in hand. (nov-kui)

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